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Who let the dogs out

Desmond Pepperdine is terrified of his uncle Lionel Asbo. The slab-shaped man has been a full-fledged criminal since he was three years old. In fact, the Asbo stands for “Anti-Social Behavior Order,” and he’s legally…

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A distant mammary

This is one of those novels where a handful of young horn dogs go live in a castle in Italy for the summer. Martin Amis’ The Pregnant Widow is set in 1970 and the writer-ly…

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The hilarity of tortured teens

Charles Highway is a Rick Ocasek-looking, luggie horking, father-hating-for-unspecified-reasons, asthmatic on the cusp of his 20th birthday, which he is taking, like most things, very seriously. He spends the hour leading up to midnight of…

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