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A Year of Wonders

In the 17th century the Plague ravaged Europe, killing millions of people. It was spread by infested rats and their fleas. Unsanitary conditions and the overpopulation of large cities such as London enabled the disease…

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Kushiel’s Dart

Let it be known that I am NOT the person who usually reads romance novels. However, this science fiction romance novel is not your typical hot-blooded, summer romance. Unless your idea of a summer romance…

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Dresden Files Book 1: Storm Front

The demon watched what was happening from in the circle with froggy eyes and kicked a section of floor clear enough of debris for it to squat down on its haunches and stare, restless and read as a cat waiting for a mouse to stick its head out of its hole. Susan stared up at me with sultry eyes and tried to wrench me to the floor, and consequently out of the circle’s protective power. Bob continued to wail his innocence.

Who says I don’t know how to show a lady a good time?

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The Historian

In a society where images of vampires are romanticized and have become the fodder for tween daydreams as well as the storyline of movies, television series, and countless novels, Elizabeth Kostova has written a refreshing…

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