NimonaSo far 2015 has been a real banner year for graphic novels & comics centered around young women, at least as far as I’m concerned it is. Let me count the ways:

  1. Lumberjanes Vol. 1
  2. This One Summer
  3. Nimona

It only takes three to make a trend, and really I’d put This One Summer and Nimona on any list of best books of 2015.

In Nimona by Noelle Stevenson we have a precocious and mystery young woman who longs to be the sidekick of supervillain Lord Ballister Blackheart. So one day she knocks on his door and charms her way into his life and work. Ballister’s arch-nemesis is Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin who works for the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics. See, back in like hero school Ballister and Ambrosius were best buds, but then things went horribly awry and now. . . sworn enemies.

Nimona is all in for this nefarious evil-doing and Ballister reluctantly takes on the teen shape-shifter. Oh yeah, Nimona can turn herself into any living creature. It’s pretty rad. Only thing is, Nimona discovers Ballister isn’t that bad — he refuses to kill anyone and also, maybe Goldenloin isn’t that golden.

Bah! This one is so great.

It’s not only laugh out loud funny, like literally where noises comes out of your body, but it’s super emotional and a little sad. Nimona’s past isn’t all sunshine and roses. And, watching the tender yet flawed relationship between two loners like Nimona and Ballister grow kind of gets you in the ol’ ticker.

Plus there’s so much satire about the government and conspiracy theories and this great conversation about magic vs. science. And it’s all just so damn much fun I don’t know how anyone could read this one and not adore it.

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