Nursery Rhyme Comics

Regardless of age, many of us probably know the same nursery rhymes. I think I was always partial to “Three Blind Mice” and “Humpty Dumpty,” though I have no clue why I liked the idea of the poor egg not being able to be put back together again.

While designed for kids, Nursery Rhyme Comics, with fifty different cartoonists taking a stab at the beloved rhymes, is great for both young and old. The whole time I read it I was smiling, not only because the old rhymes were brought to life, but because some of the cartoonists took cute and hilarious liberties with the rhymes.

Most of the comics are just two pages long, but some of the cartoonists create great stories in those two pages. Mo Ho turned “Hush Little Baby” into a dad getting more and more frustrated that the gifts he buys his little girl never work. The frustration of the dad and mischievousness of the adorable girl, with glasses way too big for her face, is priceless.

The animals in Bob Flynn's “Little Boy Blue” get away with everything, even poker night, while little boy blue sleeps the day away. The images of the boy sprawled over the haystacks still make me smile.

The one that made me laugh out loud was James Sturm's take on “Jack Be Nimble.” Jack turns to the reader and scolds us for wanting him to jump over a candlestick. The sight of his little burnt bum as he walks away is so damn cute.

“Hickory, Dickory, Dock” by Stephanie Yue is also really cute. She turns the table on the tale of the mouse being spooked by the clock. In her version, the clock only rings because of the mouse and a mallet as big as his body.

Nursery Rhyme Comics is a sweet, cute, funny collection. It’s great to see what the cartoonists have done with the nursery rhymes and some of them have me intrigued enough that I will seek out other things they’ve created.

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