Saturday is the Twin Cities Book Festival, are you ready?

Yep, Saturday October 15 is Rain Taxi’s annual Twin Cities Book Festival from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. over at Minneapolis Community & Technical College.

Have you ever been? You should go. This shindig is a book nerd’s dream — tons of authors, publishers, books, readings, and fun. What are you gonna miss if you don’t go? Take a look:

Author Readings & Presentations:

Yeah, you’re going to be forced to make some tough choices. And not having a babysitter is no excuse, because there’s a great gob of fabulous readings and activities for the young’uns too.

Children’s Pavilion

Really, this is only the beginning. There’s tons of exhibitors, authors, and like I said all kinds of bookish delights. Oh, and admission is free. So really what’s your excuse for not going?

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