Say Hello to Zorro!

I love getting books in the mail. You could shorten that to just, I love getting mail. But I love getting books in the mail especially. Say Hello to Zorro! showed up last week, out of the blue. Such a nice little surprise. My kiddos were jumping around wondering what it was? Can they have it? Is it their birthday? Read it, Mommy! READ IT!

Say Hello to Zorro! by Carter Goodrich is the cute little tale of basically accepting change and welcoming differences. Mr. Bud, a dog, is set in his ways and has his owner trained to his schedule. You do not deviate from the schedule. Ever. Along comes Zorro, a new rescue dog, home to live with Mr. Bud and the owner. Zorro has his own stuff and is new and different. Mr. Bud is grumpy and Zorro is bossy, but they soon discover that they like the same stuff. Zorro fits into the schedule and makes things more fun. The message is so adaptable to so many situations that might be in your kids’ life. New sibling on the way? No worries, they can see how Mr. Bud and Zorro adapt to change. Worried about starting school? Piece of cake! Have a new friend to do stuff with makes everything more fun. Feeling a little anxious about something? That’s okay, Zorro and Mr. Bud were a little worried too, and they each need (and get) their own space. The possibilities and applications from this tale of acceptance and change seem endless.

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