Tune in today at noon for Writing Minnesota on MPR

image stolen from MPR’s State of the Arts blog

Looking for something to do while you chow down your lunch today? You should tune into MPR’s Writing Minnesota special. Don’t worry if you don’t have a radio you can surf on over to MPR Newsand click listen now.

This special program was put together by Annie Baxter and features poetry, fiction, and interviews with some of the best writers from around Minnesota including: Steve Healey, Robert Hedin, Philip Bryant (who answered our 6 questions), Kao Kalia Yang, and Nicole Helget (whose novel The Turtle Catcher I absolutely loved).

The poetry actually includes poets reading in the places that inspired their poems. How cool is that?

And, best of all (at least for this woman) is a short story by Charles “no relation to Annie” Baxter* called “The Winner” that has been adapted to the radio with actors and everything!

So, grab your sandwich and your computer and tune in at noon. I’ll be listening. You can listen here.

*Oh yeah, Charles Baxter also answered the 6 questions we always ask.

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