The Color Violet

Romantic chick-lit crossed with Japanese illustrated Manga is a fusion too good to pass up. Like exotic bubble tea that keeps popping up in local tea shops, you just have to try it, whether or not you will like it can be determined after the first sip. Response, written by Penny Jordan with art by Takako Hashimoto, is a comic book made for a woman's purse.

It is certainly a bold idea and the passion translates well into Hashimoto's artistry. Flowing purple-hued ink and text keep the visual whimsical, yet adult. The Japanese influence is strong, but the characters are Americanized to a great extent, which makes it more accessible to the romance reader.

It is a short book and a quick read, even with the artwork to slow you down. The act of reading from back to front (or more appropriately from right to left, rather than left to right) is a little odd at first, but after a couple pages the feeling fades. The storyline holds together, but it is sparse. The tantalizing description and character development usually so enticing in a romance novel is limited out of necessity, and though the concept may not catch on completely, it will likely bring new readers to each genre.

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