The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This book was one of the options for out lit. circle books in reading class. I was on the waiting list for The Book Thief. When the time came to read the book, I was super excited to start this book. From the description my teacher gave us, challenging and about the holocaust, it sounded like a book that would interest me, so I picked it.

The Book Thief is about a girl named Liesel, whose brother tragically died in the beginning of the book and her mom left her at a foster home. She lived with the Hubermans, Hans, who plays accordion, and Rosa, who swears a lot. In memory of her brother, Liesel keeps a book called “The Gravediggers' Handbook” that she found on the ground after her brother's burial. Hans taught Liesel how to read that book. After that, she is hooked on reading. She will do anything to get a book that even means stealing one. At Nazi ceremonies where they burn books she would take one. That is how her friend Rudy came up with the nickname, The Book Thief, for her. Hans and Rose decide that they will take in a Jewish man named Max. Liesel seems unsure of him at first, but then he grows into her best friend. He even starts to attend the reading lessons in the basement with Hans and Liesel. Liesel loves her family.

I thought you should know that the narrator of this book is Death. I think the book was okay, not my favorite book I have read this year. The whole book was okay there were parts that were really good and exciting and parts that were just boring. The ending is what got me to like it less. It was just kind of happy and coincidental. Everyone said the book was so good, but I didn't think that. It definitely was different from other books I have read. I loved that parts where the kids like Liesel and Rudy swear both in English and German. Nobody cared if they swore or not. I think the book would be a 3 ? out of 5 stars.

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