The Bake Shop Ghost


I picked this wonderful little book on title alone, because who doesn’t like cake or ghosts? The story revolves around Miss Merriweather, the town sour-puss spinster and bake shop owner. When Miss Merriweather dies, the bake shop closes and the town mourns not her passing, but their loss of delicious goodies. But like all who pass and leave unfinished business, Miss Merriweather’s ghost remains. She runs off the revolving door of chefs who take over her shop until spunky Annie Washington moves in. Annie is not scared or deterred by the ghost of Miss Merriweather. And when the ghost challenges Annie to bake a very special kind of cake, Annie bakes and bakes and bakes and bakes! Always showing Miss Merriweather kindness and respect, Annie finally unlocks the key to Miss Merriweather’s sadness in a sugary-sweet ending – complete with recipe!

I like the illustrations in The Bake Shop Ghost. Marjorie Priceman gives us a delicate ghost, wispy and sad. I think this is important because so easily kids can grasp the concept of ghosts and bring it to a very negative, scary place. And Miss Merriweather has a purpose for her haunting, she needs something for herself – it’s not just about scaring people. Annie Washington is a great heroine. She’s determined to make things right for the ghost and with hard work and perseverance (and the right recipe) it pays off! It’s a pleasure to read books with your kids that set the right example.

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