Twin Cities Lit Scavenger Hunt celebrates local literature

One of the reasons the Minneapolis is consistently named The Most Literate City is because we have such a thriving community which is thanks in no small part to local indie publishers Coffee House Press, Graywolf Press, and Milkweed Editions, and, of course, my much beloved The Loft Literary Center.


Well, this fall they are celebrating their collective anniversaries (ranging from twenty-five years to thirty-five years) and Minnesota's thriving literary community by hosting a grand scavenger hunt: Around the Literary Twin Cities in (Almost) 80 Days. Each week, from mid-October through December 24th, they’ll be releasing a Minnesota-themed literary trivia question with prizes awarded for correct answers presented at local venues and a grand prize drawing at the end (you’ll be able to find the trivia questions right here on MN Reads).

Even though you’ll need to be in town to join the hunt, they still want want to let all their friends in on the fun, so they’re asking for help in devising the trivia questions.

Here’s the rules:

  • Questions must be related to Minnesota literature, literary figures, or literary history.
  • Answers must be provided with the questions.
  • Submissions are unlimited.
  • All submissions must be received by midnight, August 14.
  • Your full name and mailing address must be included.
  • Send all submissions to:

And they’re offering up some suggestions on how to come up with your trivia questions.

  • Make it amusing-questions in the form of riddles or limericks (or even Jeopardy-esque “answers” with the answer being a question) are all encouraged.
  • Make it diverse-in addition to general interest booksellers, participating venues include children's booksellers, sci-fi and fantasy booksellers, art and history museum shops, bookshops run by Minnesota literary icons, a traditional book arts center, and the Twin Cities Book Festival. We'll need appropriate questions for all of them.
  • Make it accessible-ideally, the answers could be found at the venue. But don't worry about making the questions too simple-we'll be releasing hints.


  • If you are the author of one of the eleven questions we choose, you will receive an advance reader's copy of a forthcoming book from Coffee House Press, Graywolf Press, and Milkweed Editions + a stylish, canvas bag to carry them all in from The Loft Literary Center.
  • Bragging rights (of course!)

So send your questions and keep 'em coming- they'll notify the winners on August 28. And keep checking Twin Cities Lit site for more updates and more literary-related fun.

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