Congratulations to our MN Reads 1st Anniversary Winners

So I wrote down all the names on little slips of paper, divided them up by book, and then randomly drew winners for the 1st Anniversary contest.

If I could, I’d send every single person who entered a book. But, I can’t. So let’s congratulate the winners:

  • Michelle who is getting a copy of Nicole Helget’s The Turtle Catcher
  • Mindy who won Arthur Phillip’s The Song is You
  • Paul who will soon be the proud owner of Cathy Wurzer’s Tales from the Road
  • Lisa who is getting Kurtis Scaletta’s Mudville (look for a new review of this book Friday)
  • Karen who is the lucky winner of Norah Labiner’s German for Travelers

Thank you to all who entered. This was so awesome, I hope to be able to give away more of our favorite books at the end of the year.

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