Book Links: Short and sweet because my ADD is bad today

Girl Detective reviews My Name is Will: A Novel of Sex, Drugs, and Shakespeare and Fables v. 11: War and Pieces.

From Largehearted Boy, The Washington Post’s Michale Dirda lists the 10 commandments of book giving. I think you need to be wary of commandment 4 — share the books you love. There needs to be a caveat, share the books you love if you think it’s something the reader is open to. Because, you know, if you really love fantasy books (or sci-fi) but the receiver really does not, your love of the book will not trump their distaste of the genre. Got it?

The Book Design Review has picked it’s favorite covers of 08. I noticed that Things I Learned from Women Who Dumped Me is at the top of the list. DO NOT JUDGE THIS BOOK BY IT’S GOOD COVER. This was one of the worst books I read all year (but not as bad as Twilight or Netherland). Want more best of lists? Check out Largehearted Boy’s entire collection.

FINALLY! Amazon’s Omnivoracious books of the states gets to Minnesota.

As someone who really loved Nate the Great, I loved Jacket Copy’s post about the similarities between Emily the Strange and Rosamond.

The Millions’ Year in Reading asks authors to name their favorite books read this year. It’s a great list. Also, since they didn’t ask us, a few MN Reads contributors will be listing their favorite books read in 2008 this week.

The LA Times reviews Carrie Fisher’s memoir Wishful Drinking which I kinda want to read.

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