Book Links: The I was so busy making this list I let my pizza burn edition

Girl Detective reviews Will by Christopher Rush a novel about William Shakespeare (or as I call him in my head Willy Shakes) on his deathbed dictating his will to his lawyer.

Over at Cracking Spines, Max Ross interviews Dave Gibbons who collaborated with Alan Moore on Watchmen.

How to Edit by James R. Norton, esq. [via]

Go visit the Magers & Quinn’s blog and listen to the “Sound of Young America” podcast featuring Mikita Brottman author of Solitary Vice: Against Reading (a book that has been sitting in my too-read pile for much longer than I care to admit).

The Strib reviews the new Stephen King short story collection and Toni Morrison’s A Mercy.

Earlier this morning instead of responding to e-mail or writing a review of The Fan-fucking-tastic Gargoyle I perused Etsy looking at stuff, and stumbled upon these great typewriter bracelets and cufflinks that are created right here in MN. Sure to please the writer nerd in your life.

I was gonna list to some of the Best Books of 2008 lists, but why bother when Largehearted Boy is listing all of them. Sweet!

One for Ben, a look at a 15th century scroll of the Koran.

Is the books world short-changing women? Probably.

Elissa Schappell author of my favorite book of 2002 Use Me creates a girls gone wild playlist for the NY Times Paper Cuts.

Jessa Crispin of Bookslut has a video of her interview with Neil Gaiman.

The LA Times reviews Jay Parini’s Promised Land: Thirteen Books that Changed America which includes a few of my faves (The Federalist Papers and The Souls of Black Folks (which I had to read three times one school year, for three different classes)).

A method for socially-responsible book buying. [via]

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