Book Links: A new story by Lorrie Moore, Keillor on Palin, and more

Holy cannoli! The Guardian has new short story by Lorrie Moore called “Foes” that you can read right online. [via]

MNSpeak’s bookclub has chosen Charles Schulz books for their December discussion. Personally, I recommend David Michaelis’ biography Schulz and Peanuts (which is out in paperback now). It spends a lot of time on Schulz’s life here in Minnesota and how it influenced Peanuts.

In case you missed it, NPR has Toni Morrison reading excerpts from her forthcoming novel A Mercy which is, I believe (I am trying to avoid reading too much about it) a pre-quel to Beloved. Also, John Updike reviews the novel for The New Yorker.

The LA Times‘ Jacket Copy blog takes a look at Garrison Keillor’s thoughts on Sarah Palin.

The next two authors participating in the Talking Volumes series have been announced: memoirist Michael Greenberg and poet Rita Dove.

Why We Write: Dave Eggers on Making a Difference.

Seen Reading spots someone reading Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle (which I am currently loving to pieces).

The Strib reviews The English Major which is rapidly climbing the my Must Read chart.

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