Book Links: Maybe I’ll have my shit together next week edition

I know, I know, it’s interview Tuesday and you’re stuck with book links. What a rip off. But thing might be a bit hinky here on MN Reads for the next week or so. I started a new job and I need to figure out a new routine.

P.S. Don’t forget Amy Bloom is reading tonight at Magers & Quinn!

Girl Detective reviews The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman and The Film Club by David Gilmour.

John Updike should just say no. [via]

The New Yorker’s got a new Jonathan Lethem story up, “Lostronaut.” I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait to read it.

Minnesota author Rob Hahn’s The Funeral Home Murders is based on the double murder at that funeral home in Hudson a few years back. Interesting. The PiPress has got the scoop on the book.

BookFox has rounded up reviews of Roberto Bolano’s 2666 which has given the literary world a collective hard-on. At 900+ pages, I gotta admit I am a little impressed that so many people have read the entire thing.

Jacket Copy’s got a whole mess of stuff about Toni Morrison.

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