Book Links: NBA Noms, funny literary definitions, and some other stuff

We should all give it up for local indie publishers for publishing not one but two National Book Award Nominees. Coffee House Press is responsible for Patricia Smith’s poetry collection Blood Dazzler and Graywolf has another nominee in Salvatore Scibona’s The End. I haven’t either of them, have any of you?

Utne‘s Great Writing Blog gathers must read book suggestions from Twin Cities Book Festival attendees.

In Harper’s Chris Offut (who is the author of the story I have to read for class this week) gives us a definitions of literary terms. It’s awesome. Especially if you’ve ever spent a night at Grumpy’s arguing about the bullshit phrase “creative non-fiction.” My favorite from the article:
novel-in-stories: A term invented solely to hoodwink the novel-reading public into inadvertently purchasing a collection of short fiction.

Seeing this: Living with Music: A Playlist by David Gates totally made my heart race in a way that is not appropriate for this kind of situation at all. The Merle Haggard surprised me.

Okay, from the nobody tells me anything desk: Andy Taylor of Duran Duran has a memoir out. The LA Times’ Jacket Copy blog has a great write-up about the book and includes a bunch of old videos. I know at least two Minnesota Readers whose nipples will be hard just thinking about this book.

Another item from the nobody tells me anything desk: They’re making a movie of Aimee Bender’s fan-fucking-tastic An Invisible Sign of My Own. You know how I found this out? By reading the People RSS Feed on my Google homepage. I am a sorry state of affairs.

The worst writing advice.

So nervous over reviewing the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Elements of Style, Dave at Omnivoracious turns to other writers for help. I still have my original copy of the book, purchased for my Journalism 101 class back in the winter of 1991.

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