Book Links: Choices, short stories, and politics, oh my!

Merlin Mann over at 43 Folders offers tips on how to choose what to read next.

Brock Clarke lists some of his favorite books for The Week Daily. Clarke is the author of An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England, one of my favorite novels of last year, and the guy whose reading at The Loft inspired me to start this site. {via}

The Strib gives a hearty thumbs-up to Home Marilynne Robinson’s follow up to the Pulitzer-prize-wining Gilead (which I found to be a big, dull dud but was alone in that opinion). Robinson will take part in the Minneapolis Public Library’s Talk of the Stacks series on October 16.

The LATimes asks writers about their favorite book inscriptions.

In honor of International Blog Day which was August 31, Abe Books’ Reading Copy Book Blog lists some of the staffers favorite book blogs.

The LA Times’ Jacket Copy blog asks the age-old question Short Stories: Dead or Alive? This question seems to come up every year about this time as the Best American and O.Henry hit the shelves in paperback. And Galleycat asks if big publishers are to blame for the short story’s demise.

Galleycat points out how prescient Minnesotan Bart Schneider’s The Man in the Blizzard is beyond the fact that it’s set at 2008 Republican National Convention.

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