Book Links: Because I haven’t been on the ball enough to get out six questions requests this week edition

Local writer Jake Mohan writes a beautiful piece on the death of David Foster Wallace for the Utne Reader. (also Harper’s has made a ton of his non-fiction pieces written for them available, including the piece that became the “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again”) (and another thing McSweeney’s has remembrances of Wallace on their front page which is a nice compliment to Ed Champion’s collection of memorials by writers)

MN Speakers are starting a MNSpeak bookclub and voting on their first selection.

Annie Proulx is annoyed by porn-y rewrites of her story “Brokeback Mountain.”

Max Ross of The Rake’s Cracking Spines interviews local author Bill Meissner.

New York Magazine says it’s the end of the publishing world as we know it (and do we feel fine?).

This Roundup from Critical Mass is just chock full of good and interesting links you can peruse to amuse yourself.

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