The literary equivalent of Rocktober

A few weeks ago over at How Was The Show, the musicgeeks were getting all hopped up about all the great music coming to Minnesota in October, I mean Rocktober.

I was just updating the Minnesota Reads calendar and noticed that booknerds can have just as much fun in Rocktober as their musicgeek brethren. Here is but a sample of the literary heavyweights and hipster writers gracing the fine stacks of our great city in October:
Oct 02: Chuck Klosterman at Magers & Quinn
Oct 02: David McCullough at The State
Oct 04: Kate DiCamillo at Red Balloon
Oct 06: Neil Gaiman at United Church of Christ, St. Paul
Oct 16: Marilynne Robinson at the Minneapolis Central Library
Oct 17: Khaled Hosseini at The State
Oct 19: David Sedaris at The State
Oct 21: Sarah Vowell at Barnes & Noble in the Galleria

Not too shabby at all.

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  1. max 01.Sep.08 at 11:20 am

    Word is Richard Russo is coming to the Fitz on 10/7, too.


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