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I’m not going to read the Strib’s review of David Carr’s The Night of the Gun, because I’m currently reading the book and really enjoying it. Sometimes I think if I read reviews they influence how I perceive the book. I like to come up with own ideas first and then see how right or wrong I think the other reviewers are. (P.S. Carr is reading at Magers & Quinn on Thursday, August 14th).

Poets & Writers has posted the great article “The Art of Reading Andre Dubus: We Don’t Have to Live Great Lives” from the July/August issue. I’ve read a handful of Dubus stories and this article made me want to read them all.

Tod Goldberg laments the fact that a soon-to-be-released Young Adult novel has the same title as one of his already-released books.

The Times Online interviews Tobias Wolff who has a recently (March) released a collection of new and selected stories called Our Story Begins.

The Virginia Quarterly Review is looking for reviewers under 30, you could win $1000 and a subscription and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t bother to read about because I am old and haggard. Learn more at Critical Mass.

The Strib announced the fall authors coming to town for their Talking Volume Series — Richard Russo and Wally Lamb.

The Telegraph takes a look at Raymond Carver’s ever-growing legacy on the 20th anniversary of his death.

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