Book Links: Wedding Poems, the Strib’s new Book Editor, and other stuff

The Strib’s new Book Editor Laurie Hertzel introduces herself to readers.

The Internet Writing Journal complies a list of the the best author blogs. {via}

This week’s New Yorker features “Awake” a story by Tobias Wolff that I haven’t read yet, however I did make the mistake of reading the Joshua Ferris one from last week (hoo boy do I wish I could have that time back.

Magers & Quinn point out that Rain Taxi is releasing its 50th edition.

Speaking of short stories, Joshua Furst (author of the awesome Sabotage Cafe — which should interest Minnesota readers since it takes place in and around Dinkytown) is has a short story called “The Hurricane” being serialized by Five Chapters this week (that’s one damn awkward sentence I am much too lazy to fix).

The LA Times has a lengthy piece on the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

Maud Newton gives a brief glimpse into Sarah Vowell’s upcoming book The Wordy Shipmates Vowell will be reading at the Barnes & Noble in the Galleria on October 21st.

Over at The Rake Max Ross tells a tale of a wedding, a poem, and the poet in attendance.

Litmob reviews Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland and likes it way, way more than I did.

Bookfox ranks Literary Journals (and I am proud to say I have been rejected by many of the highly competitive journals).

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