Book Links: More drugs, More Minnesota and a little bit of Joyce

MN Speakers discuss the books they’re reading this summer and how they keep track of them.

I just found James Joyce’s short story Araby online. I loved this story so much as like a college sophomore that I decided I would name any future daughter Araby. Thankfully, I have yet to reproduce.

The Strib has a Q&A with Mora, Minnesota author Jonathan Friesen, whose young adult novel Jerk, California about a boy dealing with Tourette’s Syndrome comes out September 4. You can see a trailer for the book on Friesen’s Web site (just make sure to scroll past the obtrusive flash banner).

Book Ninja points us towards a CBC article asking if drug memoirs are addicted to fiction. It has a nice roundup of recent memoirs with great, succinct write ups of each.

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