So you’re here on MN Reads and wondering what in the hell this is all about, right? Well, here’s the easy answer: we’re a bunch of Minnesota book nerds who write about the books we’re reading. While we might be called MN Reads, we don’t limit ourselves to just reading books by Minnesota authors. Minnesota has a vibrant and thriving literary community filled with fabulous writers, but there are just too many great books out there to limit ourselves to one area of geography. However, we do really love to talk about Minnesotans or writers visiting Minnesota whenever possible.

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Jodi Chromey

Website: I WIll Dare

I was the kind of girl who kept an obsessive list of statistics about her Sweet Valley High collection and would take great pride in being able to recite plot synopses for each one from memory. Really. Sadly, nobody ever asked me to recite them.

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Website: Blah Blah Blahler

At some point Christa should write something about herself. In the meantime, I will just say that she's one of the funniest writers on the planet. I would probably read her grocery lists, if she wrote them.

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LeAnn Suchy

I'm an avid reader and librarian in the Twin Cities who loves to read almost everything but mysteries. If someone gets killed in the first chapter and a detective has to figure out who did it, that's not for me. My recent favorite obsessions are post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction. If you have any suggestions, shout them out.

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Will A

Twenty-nine-year-old lawyer-type with a weakness for books about art, dramatic turns of events, adjectives and romanticizing. I firmly believe that if your life is boring, the books you're reading aren't exciting enough (and you are reading books, aren't you?)

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Melissa Slachetka

Melissa graduated with a degree in English Literature. After moving to Minneapolis, she discovered freelance writing. Melissa's work has been featured in local publications such as Twin Cities Statement, Rain Taxi, The Bridge, The Downtown Journal, The Northeaster, and Twin Cities Daily Planet. She also enjoys photography, writing poetry, and traveling.

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Kelly is a writer of fiction and poetry and an avid reader. She pays her bills by teaching English to high school students and by working part time at a funeral home in a neighboring town. She lives in Shakopee with her significant other, a spaniel named Gatsby.

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I live in Saint Paul, MN. I am 26 going on 27. I am fluent in Ukrainian, but I'm of Irish/Norwegian/Dutch descent. I am not allergic to anything, although there are plenty of things that I have yet to encounter in my life. I'm a fan of Chabon, Pynchon, and McCarthy (among so many others). I'm a Grad student, but I filed my taxes under the occupation of Adventurer.

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Kelly Miller

I've loved books for my whole life. I love books so much that I went to college to get my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. In my free time (besides trying to use my degree in real life) I like to read, mostly humor and memoir. I love finding new books, so suggest away! Find me on the internet! I love making internet friends!

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Adam Langfeld

Hi, my name is Adam. I am married to a wonderful wife, so wonderful in fact that I married her twice! It's a long story. I also have two beautiful children that occupy a lot of my time when I am not working as an Automation Engineer. I like to fish, read, travel, relax, and play video games. I read mostly fiction and a large percentage of that is probably considered ?main stream?. But hey, I read for fun and I can read whatever I want so get off my back! A few of my favorite authors are Dan Brown, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and John Case. Fairly recently I became part of a book club (I use that term loosely) and I hope that will help broaden my horizons.

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Sarah Phoenix


I am a dyed in the wool bookaholic...Books truly saved my life. I won't bore you with the details, but rest assured, I'm happier where I am than the alternative, which would have been prison...think about it. (And, if you think that is dramatic, hang around!)

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Catherine Adams

I moved to the Twin Cities in summer of 2009. Soon after I established a literary/art blog ( I work as a photographer and a freelance developmental editor. Examples of my photographic work can be found at

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Jennifer Dougherty

I'm an elementary school teacher in St. Paul, MN. When there is free time, I like to read, paint, knit, bake, watch movies, and write. I made a name for myself in my elementary school when, as a sixth grader, I wrote a murder mystery inspired by a stop-smoking campaign called, "D-Day Means Death Day!" I still have copies, if you like...